Moving my website to Robert’s hosting service was an effortless process as Robert looked after all the back-end techie stuff and patiently explained anything I needed to do. His fees are very reasonable and the back up service he provides has relieved me of an awkward task I had to do myself on my previous hosting service. – John Nicholls, New York City Website:

When I set up my website last year I was thrilled and grateful to have Robert’s assistance with web hosting. He had great advice and was very quick setting everything up for me. Thanks again Robert!
– Greg Ford, Sydney, Australia Website:

Setting up my web hosting service with Robert Rickover was a pleasant, simple and efficient process. Robert was especially helpful in walking me through the steps of getting my domain name registration offering guidance and recommendations. He provides a much needed service to the AT teacher community.
– Carol Boggs, Silver Spring, Maryland, Website:

Robert walked me through the process of creating a web domain for my website with great professional expertise, ease, and clarity. I will continue to consult him with complete trust in relation to any future issues in this arena. – Meade Andrews, Lawrenceville and Princeton, New Jersey:

Robert walked me through domain name buying, registering, and hosting. Of course the codes were confusing, and I kept getting it wrong by a dot or a dash; his patience and persistence got me through! I recommend Robert for web hosting, plus some.
– Sandra Bain Cushman, Charlottesville, Virginia, Website:

When I decided to step out into the world of the internet with a website, I turned to my good friend Robert Rickover.  He came through for me with wonderful web hosting services including helping me find and register my domain name.  In Alexander fashion,  Robert made my entry into the world of technology easeful and simple.  It was easy to move on from GoDaddy to his hosting service.  I am so grateful to Robert who is always there for me if I have a question or concern.
– Joanie Levine Mercer, Austin, Texas, Website:

I sat at my computer while Robert guided me by phone, step by step, through the process of registering my domain name online. As a technophobe with antiquated equipment, I was surprised, relieved, and empowered by how smoothly and successfully it all went. I am grateful that Robert’s top notch expertise is matched by his extraordinary ability to communicate and guide with patience, clarity, and reassuring equanimity.
– Mona Sulzman, Ithaca, New York, Website:

I highly recommend Robert Rickover’s website hosting service. Unfortunately, when I was first getting my website online, I didn’t know about this, and was quite perplexed by the offerings of different host companies. Most of all, I didn’t understand the language they were using to describe their services and felt at a complete disadvantage. I understood the value of having a website, but was daunted by the technology and didn’t know what to look for. I barely even knew what a “web host” was!

Since launching my own website, and designing over 40 websites for other people I have learned a lot! I recommend my clients use Robert Rickover’s service because it is reliable and he will take care of all the technical details for you (if you wish!). He will even give you valuable help in choosing a domain name, talking you through the registration process on the phone if needed. For anyone wishing to have a website, but who has little or no technical knowledge themselves, hosting with Robert Rickover is the perfect solution!
– Imogen Ragone, Alexander Technique teacher and website designer, Wilmington, Delaware  Website:

Robert is easy to work with and is very supportive.  He helped me set up my web hosting, walking me through it step by step.  I would highly recomend him!
– Dory Steinmetz, Long Beach, California,  Website:

Robert helped me navigate registering my domain name with such ease.  He explained the different facets and options available to me in a way that was both educational and efficient.  As part of his services, he also helped me plan ahead and understand what I needed to do in order to assure my annual automatic payments were in place through PayPal.  I feel very fortunate to have him as my web host!
– Lisa Galbraith, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Website:

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