My name is Robert Rickover, and I am a teacher of the Alexander Technique in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada.

I’ve been active on the web for over 20 years and it’s absolutely clear to me, and to most teachers who are using the internet, that a website is an absolute must for any teacher who wants more students.  At least as important now as having a phone!

If you’re an Alexander teacher and have put off getting your own website because of concerns about the need for technical expertise on your part, or about expense, this site is for you!

First, technical expertise. You do not have to have any!  I can take care of everything, even down to finding the best domain name for you and helping you register it!  If you have your own web designer, I can provide all the information they will need to host your site with me.

In addition, I make sure your web site is backed up in three separate locations so that the chances for losing your data are very remote.

Second, expense.  You can get a very attractive, professional designed, website for around $500-600 thanks to my colleague Imogen Ragone, the main website designer for Alexander Teachers.  Imogen is also an Alexander Technique teacher and knows exactly what’s needed for your site to be easily found by potential students. You can see a few examples of sites she’s created and that are hosted by me on the right.

I don’t know anywhere else where you can get this quality of work for such a reasonable price.

Your only additional expense is $75/year for hosting an HTML site, and $100 for hosting a Word Press site and about $10 – $15/year for a domain name. The higher price for Word Press hosting reflects the extra time and money need to regularly update Word Press and associated software and specialized backing up of your site at a third-party location.  You can find more details on hosting and domain names here.

You can learn more details on the other pages of this site – or, if you’re ready to get started now, contact me by email or phone and you’ll be on you way to having an attractive website in just a week or two.

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