This is what a web hosting server looks like!

What exactly is web hosting?
Web hosting refers to the process of making your website available to anyone who wants to visit it.  You site is stored on specialized computers called web servers which are then accessed by your visitors, or by you or your web designer, whenever changes are made to your website.

How much does it cost to host my site with you?
The cost is $75/year for HTML sites, and $100/year for Word Press sites because they require regular updating and specialized backing up.  For Word Press sites there is an additional $50 charge for the initial set up as it takes quite a bit of time to install the plug-ins, set up the multiple off-site back-ups and other steps to make your site as secure as possible.

How does this compare with commercial web hosting plans?
It’s about the same, perhaps a little cheaper in the long term.  Many hosting companies offer discounts for the first year and then raise their price significantly after that.  One unique feature I provide regular updates as well as multiple layers of back-ups at a locations far removed from the web host servers. Most web hosting companies will not provides these features, or help you set them up. Click here to learn more about this service:

So why should I host my site with you?
First, you get a level of personalized service not available elsewhere, both for the hosting itself and, if you need it, for choosing a domain name and registering it.  You can read other teachers’ testimonials here: Testimonials

Second, you get free back-ups of your site at two separate locations different from that of the company hosting your site, InMotionHosting.  And your Word Press site is regularly updated, including you Word Press plug-ins. This dramatically reduces the chance that you will loose your data.

Third, if you host your website with me, you can have a free audio interview (a $40 value) about you and your teaching which can be posted on your website.  This makes for a very nice introduction for potential students, particularly if they’re a little unclear what the Alexander Technique is all about.  You can listen to other teachers’ interviews here. You also get free secondary back up of your websites as noted above.

Forth, by hosting with me you are helping pay for the expense of creating and hosting my collection of Alexander Technique websites, and for the time I spend keeping them up to date.

Where will my website actually be hosted?
Your site will be hosted by InMotionHosting, a highly respected hosting company with a well-deserved reputation for reliability and customer service.

The company is employee owned, and all their web servers, and employees, are located in the US.

I already have a website and am hosting it somewhere else.  Is is difficult to transfer the hosting to you?
If it’s an html site,  not at all – and I can take care of all the technical details of a transfer and make sure there is little or no downtime. In general I don’t host Word Press sites not designed by Imogen Ragone because of website security concerns.  But if you have a Word Press site you’d like to have me host, Imogen can take a look and see if it’s one she feels comfortable overseeing.

If I need a domain name will you help me choose one and register it?
Absolutely.  Be prepared to listen to my little rant about the importance of making sure you always have access to your domain name and not letting it expire.  It is absolutely crucial that you maintain control of your own domain name for reasons I’ll explain when you discuss hosting with me.

Can I host a site using a non-US based domain name?
Yes, you can use any internationally recognized domain name and you can be located anywhere in the world.  At present, I host websites in Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia as well as the US.

I am currently on an Alexander Technique training course.  When should I plan of getting a website?
It is important to have your site up and running the day you graduate.  Ideally you should have a functioning site at least two years or so before graduation so that there is time for it to be indexed by Google and the other search engines.  Google rewards longevity – the longer your site is up, the higher ranking it gets from Google.

I am not an Alexander Technique teacher but I’ve heard good things about your hosting service.  Can I host my website with you?
Absolutely!  You’ll receive the same level of service from me, and Imogen Ragone will be glad to design a site for you if you need a designer.  She’s done several non Alexander Technique sites.

Other questions?  Send me an email or call me using this contact page.

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